Alexa Earplay Skill on Amazon Echo Devices

We’re excited to announce that Earplay is now a skill on the Alexa platform, playable in millions of homes on Amazon Echo devices throughout the US.

If you’re an Echo owner, here are some instructions on how to enable the skill through the Alexa app or with invocation phrase Earplay:

The skill includes a short demonstration of Earplay storytelling and style. The demo experience is written and hosted by the legendary Dave Grossman, Earplay’s creative lead, and one of the most prominent interactive story writers in the games industry. The skill also contains the Prologue episode of Codename Cygnus, the world’s first interactive audio voice story, originally released by Earplay as a first mission of episodes from 2013-2014.

There’s more exciting news on the way. To keep informed, sign up below for Earplay News.

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  1. Hey guys I'm a bit confused here for those of us that have the Codename Cygnus app does that mean we'll have to convert to Alexa if we want any updates? And on that note repurchase the first mission?

  2. Jon says:

    Howdy! I hope to do a blog post this week about it, but I didn't want to leave you in suspense here in the forums.

    We'll be updating the iOS app as well when we release more content, such as Mission 2, which isn't ready yet unfortunately. There's no need to convert to Alexa, but in that version we'll be testing out new prompts for the first time for the same episodes. For example, rather than "say BOLD or SECRETIVE", the voice actors will prompt you to say either "START A FIGHT or PERSUADE THEM." If this works well we'll roll out the same stuff to iOS.

    Also, if you've paid for the mission you'll get the same content on Alexa for free. Once we release we'll need to get your agent name so we can unlock your account on the new platform, plus you'll need to sign up for an Earplay account for that to work. But if you've paid for it you get it everywhere.

    Thanks for being a fan, and thanks for reaching out here in the forums!

  3. Jon says:

    When you're using the Earplay skill on Alexa you can also ask to play "The Demo". The one you've played is Codename Cygnus. More are on the way and you can visit for information on upcoming releases. We have a lot planned, so stay tuned!

  4. Jon says:

    We're working on a few things and solving unique problems for voice-based stories as we go. One of the first brand new experiences will be -- it's a long form story in which you speak to a family of ghosts on the other side to help them to move on. I'm excited tat you're looking forward to more. Stay tuned!

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