Jonathon Myers
Jonathon Myers Chief Executive Officer
Jonathon co-founded Earplay to pursue his interests in simulated conversation, interactive systems design, and narrative entertainment platforms.
Dave Grossman
Dave GrossmanChief Creative Officer
Dave is a preeminent author of interactive entertainment whose narrative design sensibilities grace a critically acclaimed portfolio that spans twenty-five years.
Bruno Batarelo
Bruno BatareloChief Technology Officer
Bruno co-founded Earplay to explore and combine an array of cutting edge technology stacks in unique ways.
Eddy Webb
Eddy WebbExecutive Producer
Eddy is a writer, designer, and producer who has worked with a number of high-profile properties over the past fifteen years.
Aerin Artessa
Aerin ArtessaUI/UX Designer
Aerin is in charge of all things visual at Earplay. She joined the project to fulfill her dream of bringing publishing and storytelling to the modern age.
Rachel Roberie
Rachel RoberieSocial Media Coordinator
Rachel is a writer, designer, and social media ace who first connected with Earplay as an artist on a game development team. She is graduating from Northeastern University in 2017 in Communications and Business.